Are you planning to start a website for your business but not sure which platform to use? Well, there are quite a few decisive factors that can help you make the right call. 

If you are someone who has prior website management experience, then you should opt for a platform that offers you loads of customization options. Whereas, a newbie who has little to do with coding should go for a platform that has several editable templates. 

But what if we tell you there’s a solution that is best suitable for beginners, learners, and even professionals. Yes, we are talking about the most popular hosting platform, WordPress. 

In this blog, we shall discuss the top 10 benefits you can reap from using WordPress to build a website for your business. 

1. WordPress is Pocket Friendly

Before we beat the drums of WordPress affordability, let’s clear a common misconception. and are two different platforms. So you must understand which one fits right for your business. 

To give you a quick overview, is a content management platform configured for the open-source CMS, WordPress. This comes in both free and paid versions., on the other hand, is the primary WordPress software that needs to be downloaded first and then hosted on your web server. It has third-party hosting, so maintenance and security updates are on to you. pricings start from $7-$59 per month, depending on the type of site you need. is actually open-source and absolutely free, but it’s not a complete solution. You can couple it with your existing web server and continue paying the hosting-related charges.

2. WordPress is a Popular Bet

WordPress dominates the global website CMS platforms

As per the latest statistics, WordPress powers 37% of the top million websites globally and has a market share of 62% among other CMS websites in 2021. It supports small businesses and large corporations like BBC America, Sony Music, Mercedes-Benz, and the official website of Sweden. 

Having such a large user base definitely speaks of the platform’s credibility. Due to such a massive community, tons of tutorials and guides are available on the Internet. Users can definitely reach out to skilled teams of developers and check discussion forums to find a solution to their problems easily. 

3. WordPress is Super Easy to Use

WordPress is easy to use

WordPress comes with an easy-to-use interface or admin panel where the user can install new plugins, add pages, posts, themes, navigation menus, and a lot more. It has a dashboard where different menu options are present to customize any webpage. 

There is no need to pester a Web Designer as you can accomplish most tasks yourself. However, if you have regular updates, you can rely on WP Shifu for regular WordPress maintenance. WP Shifu offers unlimited content uploads, weekly and monthly security & plugin updates, and overall maintenance of your WordPress site at a very basic monthly subscription fee.

4. Tons of Free and Premium Themes

WordPress offers Free and Premium Themes

WordPress websites are powerful and good-looking due to the tons of free and paid themes available. The most popular free WordPress themes are Hestia, Sydney, Neve, Enigma, Poseidon. 

Some of the best premium themes that WordPress offers are Divi, Uncode, Extra, Business Pro, Ultra. Premium themes have better security, updates, support, and SEO benefits that the free ones do not possess, making them worth your money to create the best website for your organization.

5. WordPress Offers More Flexibility

WordPress is Flexible

You can start with a basic website for your business and add more pages and content later. WordPress can help you create whatever you need almost instantly.  

You have full control over your website, including customization, plugins and, hosting provider. You can use WordPress websites, right from creating a professional blogging forum to building a full-fledged eCommerce marketplace. The possibilities are literally endless.

6. Rich Set of WordPress Plugins

WordPress offers a massive range of plugins to choose from.

Over 50,000 free and paid WordPress plugins are accessible throughout the WordPress Plugin Directory. Extremely user-friendly and compatible, they come with regular updates and hassle-free WordPress maintenance. The plugins help stretch the constraints of your website’s features and experiment freely. 

A custom plugin helps speed up the website and attracts potential customers while protecting from security threats and hackers. Some of the must-have plugins include HubSpot WordPress, All in One SEO, Yoast SEO, etc

7. Search Engines Love WordPress when it comes to SEO

WordPress is very SEO friendly

Shocked? Yes, WordPress is the best CMS with SEO-friendly themes and plugins. Another advantage of WordPress is that you don’t have to worry about optimizing your website design or content for SEO yourself.

Its plugins and endless themes together make websites not just look professional but also rank well on search engines. Users can manage WordPress easily by using a plugin such as Yoast SEO to handle metadata efficiently. WordPress allows users to create permalinks and have a fast load time. The plugin allows them to add metadata to their posts in just a couple of minutes.

8. WordPress Provides You with High Security 

WordPress Provides High Security Levels 

WordPress provides built-in features for enhancing the security of the website.  Publishers, B2B, and Ecommerce businesses are advised to use safe plugins and themes, follow secure login procedures, and scan the site for malware with regular updates. Users should also use passwords and two-factor authentication to limit the number of logins.

WordPress provides built-in features for increasing the security of the website. Users can further heighten the security of their websites by disabling file editing, changing their WP login URL, and choosing a good hosting provider. Don’t worry if it seems too technical. WP Shifu has got your back with security updates, scans, and round-the-clock surveillance. Such provisions make WordPress sites ideal for your business proceedings.

9. WordPress Supports Multiple Users

WordPress Offers Multiple User Profiles

The platform makes it simple to assign different access roles for multiple users of a single website, making WordPress maintenance and management easy for business owners. 

There are six types of WordPress roles. In the order of hierarchy, they are:

  • Super administrators
  • Administrators
  • Editors
  • Authors
  • Contributors
  • Subscribers

Administrators can change settings, add or remove plugins and users and add, edit or delete content. Authors manage and publish their posts, and subscribers are essentially users with their accounts. 

Contributors can add, edit or delete posts that they have created but do not have access to pages. This multi-use capability allows several users to use a website on WordPress efficiently, saving both time and money. 

10. WordPress Integrates with Your Social Channels

WordPress integrates seamlessly with Social Media Channels

Having a social media presence for your website is a must in today’s world. They are extremely influential and can get more people to notice your website. However, managing social media and your website might prove difficult for users. 

Any WordPress website can access a lot of plugins to integrate with social channels and sites. These plugins enable you to do anything, from automatically uploading content on social media to sharing old and new content and promoting it online. Some tools that help with the social media activities of your business are Nelio Content, Social Count Plus, OnePress Social Locker, and Social Media Metrics.


WordPress leads CMS with a market share of 62%, and it is still growing rapidly. Easy to install, use, manage, and better security make WordPress an absolute choice for most people who want to start their online business or even use a better platform for their business.

However, managing your WordPress site and constantly updating newer content can be quite hectic for business owners. Not to worry because WP Shifu is here to help with that. WP Shifu is a subscription-based agency that offers WordPress site maintenance with unlimited themes, plugin & content updates, 24/7 security, uptime monitoring, performance optimization, and more at an affordable monthly flat subscription fee. 

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